Monday, January 11, 2016


There is so much writing and publishing advice out there these days. Everyone's got a penny's worth (Pah! Sometimes more like hundred dollar bill's worth) to throw into the ring. And believe it or not, we have too! But ours is better, so you should totally listen.

Today's blog brings together what each mentor feels is THE most important piece of advice they've absolutely got to pass on to you. Whether it's what's worked best for them, or perhaps the piece of advice they wished they'd been told when setting out on their own author journeys; this list should give you something to think about.

'Don’t let anyone else tell you what your writing process should be. Just because your favorite author or your writer friends outline, draft at midnight, and use Scrivener, doesn’t mean that any of those things will work for you. You are unique. Find your own path.' Helene Dunbar

'Try out new writing advice and strategies, but know that not every method will stick. Do what works for you.' Stephanie Scott

'Get words down on paper; you can fix them later. Art harder! (Credit for the latter goes to Chuck Wendig!)' Susan Gray Foster

'Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone gets there at their own pace.' Marty Mayberry

'Find critique partners and writer friends who can genuinely be excited about your success. Sure, we all get jealous sometimes, and that's natural. There will be people who can bring you down, though, so surround yourself with positivity.' Rachel Lynn Solomon

'Keep your head down and write.' Brighton Walsh

'Don't be afraid to learn something new. No writer knows everything. This industry is all about learning.' Natasha Raulerson

'Read. Write. Repeat.' Samantha Joyce

'Thick skin is a must! No one will champion your work more than you will so don't ever give up. Critique partners and beta readers should be a part of the process. Without them you only have one insight on your work...yours which isn't always spot on.' Wendy Spinale-Smith

'Become an active part of the writing community, be it through conferences, workshops, classes, or even online. They are the people who will support you, advise you, cheer for you, and lend a shoulder to cry on as the need arises.' Kes Trester

'Some days, writing will make you feel euphoric, and others it will crush you. Learn to work through both.' Juliana Brandt

'Listen to your gut. It will lead you the right way with writing choices. If you can't write then likely your writing is off track somehow. Don't be afraid to take a day off.' Michelle Hauck

'Embrace revisions. Revising is where the magic comes in and whips your story into shape!' Kim Long

'Read 100 books in your genre. Find trusted critique partners. Never give up.' Jessica Vitalis

'Write the book YOU want to write. Don't worry about the business side (i.e. the right agent, the right editor/house, the market) until it's written, critiqued, and revised. Your #1 priority, first and foremost, should only be to write the best book you can.' Julie C. Dao

'Know your craft, train in your craft and grow in your craft. While a novel usually has one name on it, it's not a solo gig. Surround yourself with positive writers that will help you grow.' Sharon Johnston

'Read what you write. Read what makes you happy. Write your own story. And make connections in the writing community because the opinions of like minds are invaluable.' Molly Lee

'You're building worlds. The laundry can wait.' Tamara Mataya

'Be relentless. Set aside time for writing and stick to that schedule like it's your job. One day it will be.' Jeanmarie Anaya

'Sometimes, it's okay to "quit." There will be times when you need to step back and take a break. That's okay. You can come back when you're feeling more like yourself again.' Veronica Bartles

'Never give up. Writing is the only way to be immortal.' Jennifer Hawkins

'Story ideas are all around you, just watch and listen. Write what you love.' Trisha Leaver

'Enjoy it; don't lose sight of why you wrote in the first place.' Kate Foster

Agree or disagree with any? Perhaps one hits home more than the others. Perhaps you have your own tip you'd like to impart. Well then, use the comments and join in the conversation! Let's chat...

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  1. These are fantastic tips! Some I knew, and the new ones to me spoke to some of the issues I've been having with writing.

    Thank you for sharing and helping so many!